UKCA/CE Marking – EN 1090-1

UKCA/CE Marking for steel and aluminium fabricators and processors

The construction industry has faced one of the most significant changes for a decade as EN 1090-1 UKCA/CE Marking of construction products become mandatory in all Member states throughout the European Union.

If your organisation is involved in the manufacture of structural metal components or kits, you need to demonstrate that your product complies with BS EN 1090-1 through the introduction of a Factory Production Control system and third party assessment of your system by an approved auditing Notified Body, once certified this then allows you to legally place the product on the market and continue trading legally.

Since 01 July 2014 it has been a criminal offence to supply and trade structural metalwork on the market unless it adheres to this standard and carries a legitimate UKCA/CE mark.

As of the 31st December 2022 products placed on the market within England Scotland and Wales will require UKCA marking in place of CE marking, products placed on the market in Northern Ireland will require UKNI and CE Marking.

If you supply or supply and install for example: Structural steelwork, Secondary steelwork, Staircases, Balconies, Support steelwork, Canopies, Access Walkways and Platforms, Builders Beams etc you will need UKCA/CE Marking to EN 1090-1.

For a more comprehensive list of products within scope of EN 1090-1 click on to our information page.

If you think this may apply to your business, contact us, we are happy to talk to you and advise you on what your next steps should be.

3mj Consulting can help your Business to comply with EN 1090-1

3mj Consulting can guide you through the process, assisting your team to identify the requirements that are appropriate to your business and develop a system with your team producing all procedures, manuals and documentation and implement training as required.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial company review and gap analysis to identify and plan your required support
  • Review operating procedures
  • Set out an action plan for the client and 3mj Consulting to work towards
  • Set target dates for completion of key tasks
  • Modify or produce new manuals, procedures and documentation
  • Supply continued support through the implementation process
  • Provide or assist in the resourcing of identified training requirements
  • Support with certification of welding procedures (WPQR) and welders (EN ISO 15614 series and EN ISO 9606 series)
  • Support with RWC appointment or RWC training
  • Carry out internal audits and pre-certification audit reviews
  • Work with your Management Team
  • Attendance at Notified Body Audit meeting