BS EN 17293:2020

EN 17293 describes the manufacturing requirements for Temporary Works Equipment manufactured from steel, aluminium and timber components.

Components when designed specifically for temporary works and are not intended to be incorporated in a permanent manner do not fall within the Construction Products Regulation EU 305/2011 and as so are not applicable to be CE Marked against EN 1090-1.

EN 17293:2020 does however state the requirement for the manufacture of steel and aluminium components shall apply to EN 1090-2, EN 1090-3, EN 1090-4 and EN 1090-5. EN 1995-1-1 shall apply to the manufacture of timber components.

The standard specifies these requirements for manufacture apply within a factory or on site.

The standard sets out the specific requirements to EN 17293, the related clauses within EN 1090-2,3,4 and 5 for the control of the following:

  1. Quality Documentation
  2. Quality Planning
  3. Identification and Traceability
  4. Material Inspection, Control and Documentation
  5. Welding Requirements
  6. Execution Class requirements
  7. Manufacturing

How 3mj Consulting can assist your Business

3mj Consulting can guide you through the process, assisting your team to identify the requirements that are appropriate to your business and develop a system with your team, produce all procedures, manuals and documentation and implement training as required.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial company review and gap analysis to identify and plan required support
  • Review operating procedures
  • Set out an action plan for both the client and 3mj Consulting to work towards
  • Set target dates for completion of key tasks
  • Modify or produce new manuals, procedures and documentation
  • Supply continued support through the implementation process
  • Provide or assist in the resourcing of identified training requirements
  • Identify the requirements to EN 1090 that are applicable to your business.
  • Carry out internal audits.