BS EN ISO 3834

EN ISO 3834 describes the requirements for a factory control system aimed specifically at fabricators and welding compliance to a set of standards.

EN ISO 3834 It is not an overriding quality management system but a system for the control of welding requirements that can be incorporated in to a current or intended manufacturing process to demonstrate a process driven manufacturing and inspection method that is integral to factory production control systems such as EN 1090 and EN 15085.

ISO 3834 can also benefit fabrication companies operating a ISO 9001 system where the company wish to implement and demonstrate a control of fabrication and welding function as a special process.

ISO 3834 consists of 5 parts:

Part 1: Criteria for the selection of the appropriate level of quality requirements
Part 2: Comprehensive Quality Requirements
Part 3: Standard Quality requirements
Part 4: Elementary Quality Requirements
Part 5: Document requirements for the conformity to ISO 3834-2, 3834-3 or 3834-4

How 3mj Consulting can assist your Business

3mj Consulting can guide you through the process, assisting your team to identify the requirements that are appropriate to your business and develop a system with your team producing all procedures, manuals and documentation and implement training as required.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial company review and gap analysis to identify and plan your required support
  • Review operating procedures
  • Set out an action plan for the client and 3mj Consulting to work towards
  • Set target dates for completion of key tasks
  • Modify or produce new manuals, procedures and documentation
  • Supply continued support through the implementation process
  • Provide or assist in the resourcing of identified training requirements
  • Support with certification of welding procedures (WPQR) and welders (EN ISO 15614 series and EN ISO 9606 series)
  • Support with RWC appointment or RWC training
  • Carry out internal audits and pre-certification audit reviews
  • Work with your Management Team
  • Attendance at Notified Body Audit meeting

Notified Bodies that carry out assessments to EN ISO 3834 include:

Lloyds Register
Bureau Veritas